Where We Started

RetinaLabs.com, formerly American Medical Devices, Inc., was founded in January 1997 with a commitment to the rapid development of innovative retinal instrumentation and the delivery of world class customer service directly to the vitreoretinal surgeon. Through support of major vitreoretinal meetings, direct mail campaigns, industry advertising, telemarketing efforts, and 24-hour customer service, we have constantly worked toward that aim. The addition of this Web Site is in keeping with our founding commitment to speed, innovation and customer satisfaction. back to top

Where We are Today

Today, RetinaLabs.com is the first Internet based retinal instrument Company in the world. Our customer service representatives are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you. You can reach us with just a click of your mouse or by dialing (800) 793-1473 or (404) 443-2831 outside the continental United States. We provide a full range of vitreoretinal products, including Moistair™ Humidifying Chambers, Endoview™ Sapphire Surgical Contact Lenses and theEndolight™ Fiber Optic Probes just to name a few. In addition to our wide variety of vitreoretinal products RetinaLabs.com is committed to three main operating principles. back to top

Innovative R&D

First and foremost, every attempt is made at RetinaLabs.com to design products in cooperation with industry leading ophthalmologists and institutions to ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation in retinal surgical instrumentation. Our most important collaboration is with the MadLab at Johns Hopkins University where we have worked closely with Dr. Eugene de Juan to develop many of our most successful products. The collaboration between Johns Hopkins and RetinaLabs.com combines the expertise of one of the world's most premier research institutions with our innovative direct marketing model to deliver the best possible products quickly and easily to our customers. back to top

Be Direct

Second, by going directly to the customer, RetinaLabs.com, eliminates traditional operating costs, which allows us to invest more in new product development and to pass the savings along to you. back to top

World Class Customer Service

Third, RetinaLabs.com operates with the goal of providing world class customer service. We offer 24-hour a day toll free ordering, free UPS Ground Shipping, and a no questions asked return policy. back to top

HEADQUARTERS: Atlanta, GA RetinaLabs.com is a privately held corporation.

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